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Default [GCA] GDF File for Aelin Rock-Talker

Howdy, Folks,

So, being very interested in running GURPS online via "Fantasy Grounds," and being an enthusiastic fan and proponent of the recently-received Dungeon Fantasy RPG, I thought to myself, "Hey, why not input the 13 pre-gen PCs from 'Delvers to Go' and the adventure points/maps from 'I Smell a Rat' into FG (for personal use only, obviously). Kill two birds with one stone, have an inaugural stab at GMing online and help support DFRPG."

Oh, you sweet summer child.

Without an existing DFRPG .GDF file, it took me a solid two hours to input just the first PC, Ælin Rock-Talker. Probably could have cut that back to an hour with a pre-existing .GDF file, but then I'm still looking at roughly 13-20 hours just for the pre-gens and another, say, 10 hours for the adventure locations and whatnot. My points being:
  • This is not a project for the faint of heart.
  • I look forward to the eventual release of an official .GDF covering the DFRPG material.
  • I will be using a much, much simpler game as my first online!
  • The day SJG begins branching into online VTT play will be like winning the lottery while eating chocolate ice cream and getting a scalp massage all at the same time.
With all that said, I did save a teeny-tiny little .GDF file of the traits/items I either added or tweaked solely from Ælin Rock-Talker, in the hopes that it will be useful to anyone else brave enough to stare down this Balrog.

It includes...

Advantages: Dwarven Gear, Nature's Shield, Pickaxe Penchant, Resistant to Poison, Tough Skin
Spells: Earth Vision, Frostbite, Protection from Evil, Sense Evil
Equipment: Clothing, Coins, Heavy Cloth Armor Suit, Hobnails, Sickle (Dwarven)

You can download it here (.zip file).

Good luck, and Godspeed!
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