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Default Re: It would be nice to have some AD&D style demons and devils

Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
So if there is no distinction between fallen angels and demons that were formed to be evil then couldn't you say there is no distinction between demons and undead?
But don't blame. Fallen angels are just demons, that's right —it's about the divine spark involved and buried into creation. If along with demons you want "other" type of demons directly originated from some "evil principle" (whatever that is), you're merging opposite and mutually exclusive cosmologies (monotheism and dualism or maltheism), which isn't the best for fantasy nor dungeon fantasy worldbuilding.

But D&D's Blood War assumption isn't making this: it just divides infernal beings by alignments.

On the other hand, demons are evil creatures mainly from different orders of reality, and zombies are agglomerates of psychic and corporeal remnants from dead creatures.

Originally Posted by BrianEye View Post
What about supernatural creatures from India, China or Japan, which have entirely different cosmologies? Or the Greek underworld (Pluto, Cerebus), or struggles of Titans vs Olympians? Are Titans demons? Campaign 1 says "no", campaign 2 says "oh, yea ... ".
I tried to take that into account above.
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