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Default Re: It would be nice to have some AD&D style demons and devils

Originally Posted by DemiBenson View Post
And also in Infernum, Book of the Damned (where, IIRC, demons were natives to Hell, and devils were fallen angels), so it's not unique to ADD.
It doesn't sound like they are fighting each other in that case.

In a game setting of mine "demons" are the offspring of escaped dream spirits of the moon goddess and the Shining Ones, rebel creations of the sun god (which are essentially "devils" in this kind of system but not called that).

Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
So if there is no distinction between fallen angels and demons that were formed to be evil then couldn't you say there is no distinction between demons and undead? Or fairies or any monster? Or even any adversary? And why even have any description of monsters at all? Why not just have numerical stats? There is something in the dungeon with DR5, 20HP, reach C and does 1d6 damage from an attack at skill 18.
Just because it is a fact that the word "demon" isn't taxonomic in the real world doesn't make it a game rule.

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