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Another irregular bump.

The TIE Fighter video game is actually purchasable from (link).

Shapeways does some very nice pieces from the TIE Fighter series. I picked up five Modified Nebulon B Frigates (link) for the Imperial side (as all normal Frigates in-game appear to be Rebel). I'm toying with the idea of getting some Strike Cruisers as well, although their whole "lumpy cucumber" aesthetic I think fits a little better with the Rebels than the Empire.

Anybody who's been following Armada at all knows that the seemingly impossible has happened, and they've announced the release of a Super Star Destroyer model (initially scheduled for Q1 2019, it appears this has slipped to Q2 at earliest). One of the biggest problems was of scale, which they appear to have addressed by applying a somewhat flexible interpretation - just as the Corellian Corvette in-game is way too big to fit into the ISD's hangar bay as per A New Hope, the Super Star Destroyer is "only" 2-3 times the length of the Imperial Star Destroyer.

It still makes for a miniature that measures about 2 feet end to end, which strains both the scale and mechanics of the game, as well as the definition of "miniature" perhaps. It's likely to retail for around US$200 on release - some (very patient) preorders were discounted to US$160.

I think once I pick up the Super Star Destroyer, my investment in this line of ships will be complete and I'll have my coffee table "pew!pew!pew!" fleet done. FFG has announced that the SSD is the lead of a new class of ships (being the "Huge" class, spanning two bases of the Large class ships), but I can't easily imagine what other ships would be listed in that class, or whether I'd be interested in buying them.

I do need to figure out the painting of my 3D printed models though. They would likely need some surface coat of a binding as well, since the models tend to powder easily if they're brushed roughly (one of my Mod-Nebs partially eroded when somebody put a towel over it by accident).

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