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Originally Posted by tbeard1999 View Post
3. TFT's combat system is fast AND detailed. As you note, tactics and maneuver are very important. It is superior to 3e+ D&D, GURPS or any other system.
Well I'd say that the mapped tactical combat in TFT & GURPS is quite similar (TFT combat is simpler, but I generally prefer GURPS combat), and is the main reason I prefer them over all other RPG systems. The tactical combats themselves are a major part of the fun, and can be played for fun just by themselves.

To me, THIS is the one obvious thing that these games offer over all others. I'd say the marketing should include compelling pictures and descriptions that communicate that there's something special that new players probably haven't quite experienced before. That TFT combat is something distinctly interesting and fun, that is unpredictable and has things happen because of the situation and player choices rather than being something to get over with as quickly as possible and that's mainly about how uberpowerful your character is and how many hitpoints it has left.

Originally Posted by tbeard1999 View Post
You know, I just don't think that spell is all that useful. A typical wizard (say ST 10-11) can restore a whopping 3 points of damage per day. (3 ST to heal 1 point of damage).
Only if the wizard has no one to cast Aid on him, he doesn't rest at all that day, and he doesn't have Drain ST.

If he spends the day resting in a wagon while the party travels, he can rest up an additional 64 ST, meaning he can heal more like 24 points of injury per day, all by himself. Every additional IQ 9 person with the Aid spell who can also rest all day can help him to heal another 24 points of injury per day. All adventurers would do well to consider learning Aid themselves, so they can offer to Aid their healing wizard to heal themselves. A party who all have Aid can get themselves injured to death's door about twice per day and still be good as new by the next day.

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
A liberal interpretation of the Physicker talent (that it can be applied to each separate injury, as opposed to once per encounter) is already more powerful than either SJ's proposed healing spell or the Heal potion already in the game (unless you hand the potions out, or have them freely available to buy, in which case that is obviously the most powerful source of healing). A master physicker can basically get a well armored character back up to good-as-new after most fights, because the damage they take usually comes in small increments.
Yes. This is how we played.

Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
It says in Physicker that you can heal once per combat. I've never seen a TFT campaign where if in a fight you take 4 small wounds, the physicker can heal each of those wounds for 2 each.
It's the only way we ever played.

Because it makes so little sense to read it as "per combat".

Abe gets hit 5 times throughout a day, and gets healed by a physicker once after every wound.

Bob gets hits 5 times in the same way as Abe, but all in one combat. Then the physicker can heal only him once?

Carl the Clever, seeing this, gets hurt once in combat, and decides to start Defending and Disengaging and hiding out, and Dave the Devious swaps into his place, having also realized that the party will survive ten times as long if they only get hurt once per combat.
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