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Default Re: GURPS Cabal for 4th Edition: Notes and Thoughts

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Have you worked a hierarchy yet for which power trumps which, in the manner discussed on p. 32 of GURPS Powers?
Ha, no. Not even close to that stage of the project. If I had to do that on the fly, I'd put Hermetic Magic on the top tier and the other four powers on a second tier. Hermetic Magic directly manipulates the decanic emanations that make up the universe, while the other powers are filtered through the nature of their users. Still, I'm not committed to that, so it'll take more thought.

One important note seems to be that any direct manipulation of decanic energy is Hermetic Magic, and anyone can use Hermetic Magic - but only vampires can use Vampirism, fairies use Fae magic, etc.
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