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Default Re: Vampire Templates for Cabal

Next up, we have the strix - vampirism through magic. The template below shades a bit into occupational template territory, as it represents very basic mortal magical ability plus the abilities and weaknesses gained by becoming this particular sort of vampire. I probably need to build a separate template for the actual ritual effects, but... later. First session of this theoretical campaign is coming up fairly quickly.

At any rate, the biggest problem I have with this template is that I can't find a good 5 point disadvantage to bring it down to 75 points. Any ideas for a good Vow (to represent a magical taboo), Supernatural Feature, Revulsion, Weakness, or whatever that fits a creepy child-killing vampire witch?

Aside from that I'm reasonably happy with this template; of the three, it's the one most able to function in human society without being detected, but it's still monstrous.

Strix Vampire Template & Notes
The strix have chosen and achieved their vampiric state through magic they have willingly sacrificed their humanity for dark power and eternal unlife. As might be expected, they are willing members of the Cabal, which thrives on that sort of choice. Not all, or even most, strix match the example of their eponymous members female witches of Rome who transformed into owls and preyed upon children. Still, all of them have the ability to change form, and prefer to prey upon weak targets such as children or infants. All are skilled in magic, but do not necessarily have the Ritual Adept advantage.

Fledgling Strix [80]

Attributes [40]: IQ +2 [40]

Advantages [113]: Alternate Form (Vampiric Owl or Vampiric Cat; at night only, -20%) [12]; Can burn HP for extra effort [1]; Doesn't Breath [20]; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30]; Injury Tolerance (Unliving) [20]; Magery 1 [15]; Unaging [15].

Disadvantages [-91]: Draining (blood) [-5]; Dread (one of garlic, wild roses, or hawthorn) [-10]; Secret (Vampire; possible death) [-30]; Supernatural Features (No Body Heat*, Pallor*, Witch's Mark (Horror 26) [-11]; Uncontrollable Appetite (human blood) [-15]; Unhealing (Partial) [-20].

Features: Affected by Path of Undead (instead of Body/Mind) magic; Neither has nor uses FP.

Skills [18]: Thaumaturgy (VH) IQ [8]; Path of Body (VH) IQ-2 [2]; Path of Magic (VH) IQ-1 [4]; Path of Undead (VH) IQ-1 [4]

Vampiric Owl Form [35]
Attributes: ST -7 [-70]; DX +3 (No fine manipulators, -40%) [36]
Secondary Characteristics: SM -4 [0]
Advantages: Acute Hearing 4 [8]; Claws (Sharp) [5]; Enhanced Move (Air Speed 18) [10]; Flight (Winged -25%; Air Move 12) [30] Silence 2 [10]; Night Vision 7 [5]; Vampiric Bite [30].
Perks: Fur (Feathers) [1]
Disadvantages: No Fine Manipulators [-30].

Vampiric Cat Form [40]
Attributes: ST -6 [-60]; DX +3 (No fine manipulators, -40%) [36]
Secondary Characteristics: SM -3 [0]
Advantages: Acute Hearing 2 [4]; Acute Taste and Smell 2 [4]; Catfall [10]; Claws (Sharp) [5]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Enhanced Move (Ground) [10]; Night Vision 5 [5]; Perfect Balance [15]; Vampiric Bite [30].
Perks: Fur [1]
Disadvantages: Quadruped (Extra Legs (four legs) [-5]; Horizontal [-10]; No Fine Manipulators [-30]) [-35]


Create Strix Ritual
Greater Transform Body + Greater Transform Undead
Alter Trait: Plus 98 points of traits for 98 energy; minus 71 points of traits for 14 energy
Weight 300 lbs +3 energy
Duration: permanent. Not allowed by RAW, so... set it for 100 years? 121 energy.
Energy cost: 1,260 energy.

This ritual turns an ordinary human into a Strix, granting the template above minus the IQ, Magery, Secret (Vampire), and skills. Those are on the template because usually, the subject of this spell already has them, and the template is meant to be a functional Strix.

This is a very rough cut of the Ritual Path Magic spell to turn a human into a strix. For starters, I want the effect to be permanent and unable to be dispelled, both of which effects aren't allowed by the rules as written. I do know that want the creation of a strix to be something that can be done by any magician who knows the rituals, even if takes a heck of a lot of energy. Usually it'd be known only to other strix, but a powerful necromancer or various spirits of undeath might also have the power. I think that rules out Infectious Attack or Dominance, but I'm at a loss for other ways to build the ritual. Any ideas?
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