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Default Re: Vampire Templates for Cabal

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
Vampiric Bite has its own cost and as magic, wouldn't count against the disadvantage. Unhealing is about natural healing. It doesn't preclude spell based or Leech-like powers.
Unhealing: Partial [-20] doesn't preclude Leech-like powers.

Unhealing: Total [-30] does preclude Leech-like powers.
Partial: You can heal naturally if a rare condition is met (e.g., when you are immersed in blood or bathed in lava). You can also heal yourself by stealing HP from others using Vampiric Bite (p. 96), magic, or psionics. -20 points.

Total: You can never heal naturally, and you cannot steal HP from others. -30 points.
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