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Default Star Wars Armada

So I picked up this game recently, largely because the store near me overstocked on several big capital ship models and they're discounted (which I've been told is nearly unheard of for this game and its higher price tag).

I only bought the ships I cared about, meaning the Imperial Star Destroyer, the Victory Star Destroyer, and the Interdictor Cruiser for the Imperials, and the Nebulon-B Frigate, Corellian Corvette, and two Mon Calamari Cruisers for the Rebels. I also sprang for the expansion starfighter pack for both sides.

There are some really ugly ships that are specific to this line: an assault frigate for the Rebels which looks like Apple designed it (all curves and compactness), as well as two chimera star destroyers for the Empire (one that has two prows, the Gladiator, and one whose name I have forgotten which has two TIE Interceptor panels on the side). I can't see myself ever paying money for those, although I've been told they fulfill a coincidentally "invaluable" and "useful" tactical function in the game, so unsurprisingly anybody actually playing the game competitively would have to buy them.

I'm a bit sad that the TIE Advanced is the model from A New Hope rather than the sleek dagger-panel model from TIE Fighter though.
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