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Default Suntukan: Real World Martial Art Style [MA]

I was at a local martial arts conference last weekend, and I encountered a style of which I had been unaware. It seemed cool enough to deserve an attempt at a GURPS write-up.

Feedback/critique welcome.

Suntukan (Panantukan) 3

This martial art, often called “Filipino Diry Boxing” by western martial artists, is a practical, punch-focused style with a strong emphasis on streetfighting and self-defense. As such, it employs numerous tactics that would be illegal in even the most brutal of full-contact combat sports, it is explicitly focused on survival at all costs, and embraces brutality and dirty tricks.

While the exact origins of Suntukan are unclear, it likely developed sometime after the rise of popularity of Western Boxing in the Philipines in the late 19th Century. Famed FMA and Jeet Kune Do teacher Dan Inonsanto incorporated Suntukan into his practice and teachings, although he uses the term “Panantukan,” first adopted be FMA instructors in the west to avoid confusion with shotokan karate.

In addition to punches, Suntukan makes extensive use of hammer fists and elbow strikes (including parrying your opponents fist with the sharp point of the elbow—Aggressive Parry), and pressure point strikes (GMs incorporating Suntukan are encouraged to use the realistic pressure point point rules from GURPS Technical Grappling). Suntukan also makes use of standing grappling techniques, but mostly to Grab-and-Bash or to push or otherwise to open them up to strikes.

Often, Suntukan is taught as part of another Filipino Martial Art, such as Arness or Escrima. Style Adaptation, Suntukan should always be available to modern martial arts styles of the Philipines. Some Suntukan teachers incorporate kicks and knee strikes, those styles should simply replace Boxing with Karate as a primary skill.

The Skill Adaptation perk: Brawling Techniques Default to Boxing should be made available to Suntukan practicioners as soon as Style Familiarity is taken, regardless of how many points the character has in the style.

Skills: Boxing, Wrestling.

Techniques: Aggressive Parry (Boxing), Arm Lock (Wrestling), Counter Attack (Boxing), Ear Clap (Boxing), Elbow Strike (Boxing), Eye-Rake (Boxing), Hammer Fist (Boxing), Head Lock (Wrestling), Low Line Parry (Boxing), Targeted Attack (Boxing Punch/Arm), Targeted Attack (Elbow Strike/Throat), Targeted Attack (Boxing Punch/Face), Targeted Attack (Upper Cut/Face), Upper Cut

Cinematic Skills: Pressure Points, Pressure Secrets, Push

Cinematic Techniques: Pressure Point Strike.

Perks: Improvised Weapons (Fist-Loads), Neck Control, Skill Adaptation (Brawling Techniques default to Boxing), Skill Adaptation (Shoves and Slams with Wrestling), Style Adaptation (JKD, Boxing, or any Filipino Martial Art).

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