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Default Re: GURPS 3e & 4e Metal Gear Solid

Here it is:


(All components are TL8 unless otherwise specified.)
[*]Description (!Spoilers!):Metal Gear REX was a Metal Gear prototype that was jointly developed by DARPA and ArmsTech for the United States Army in the early 2000s. In the early 1960s, Soviet scientist Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin created designs for a REX-like bipedal tank. However, Colonel Volgin of GRU rejected his ideas in favor of Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov's Shagohod. Drunk and bitter, Granin sent his designs to an American colleague, revealing this to CIA operative Naked Snake during Operation Snake Eater. The development of REX itself was foreseen in a psychic premonition by Elisa and Ursula during the San Hieronymo Incident in 1970.

Some time after Solid Snake's encounters with TX-55 Metal Gear in 1995 and Metal Gear D in 1999, an attempt to carry out a Metal Gear project within the United States had been planned but was officially scrapped yet convinced the private weapons company ArmsTech that building one for the U.S. Army would be a very profitable venture. ArmsTech had been in a dire state financially, with the possibility of a hostile takeover becoming apparent after failing to obtain a contract on a new line of fighter jet for the U.S. Air Force. Likewise, the Department of Defense agreed to its development due to the defense budget being slashed by 15% and thus being forced to allow the private sector to develop their weapons for them.

In 2002, DARPA Chief Donald Anderson was heavily bribed by ArmsTech to back the Metal Gear REX project. DARPA funded REX's development covertly, using part of the United States' black budget.The nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island was constructed to conceal the development of Metal Gear REX. Its rail gun was based on technology developed for the SDI, having been successfully miniaturized in a joint venture between ArmsTech and Livermore National Labs. Livermore Labs also developed a new type of nuclear weapon for REX using NOVA and NIF laser nuclear fusion testing equipment and supercomputers.

One of the main goals of developing REX was to overcome a global trend in military downsizing at the time. REX was a self-mobile launch platform capable of using its massive rail gun to launch a nuclear warhead contained projectile package with a low radar cross-section, and without the need for a rocket propulsion system, The launch event was also undetectable by satellite thermal imaging, unlike the massive heat signature characteristic of ICBM launches. It could give any country in the world a first-strike capability that other nations would find hard to counter. This also exploited a specific loophole that existed in anti-nuke treaties, since projectiles fired from a rail gun were not technically ICBMs, so the START treaties imposing limitations on ballistic missiles did not apply.

During REX's development, the Metal Gear engineers became concerned of what would happen if REX, after it was completed and doing solo ops in the field, was detected by the enemy and forced to engage in close range combat against conventional forces. They then decided that they could make REX's hull a weapon in itself. Although the program was completed, and had gotten fantastic results from supercomputer simulation, the military shelved the project before they could even install it (as the military viewed it as not being part of their regulations). However, REX's chief engineer Hal Emmerich secretly uploaded the data into REX anyway. Although the first actual prototype for REX was developed in 2005, it went through multiple prototype stages in VR while it was still in the design stage to correct various flaws before being developed. As REX was primarily tested via VR simulations, the Pentagon and ArmsTech needed to perform live testing to compare the simulation data with actual test results. Because of this, they started a field exercise at the remote military facility on Shadow Moses Island.

Eccentric Chief Engineer Hal Emmerich (AKA "Otacon") was a huge fan of Japanese cartoons (Anime), which often feature large humanoid robots (sometimes with rather obvious weak points). As a result, he designed REX with a glaring design flaw: Its poorly armored Radome, which, if damaged, would render the pilot blind inside the closed cockpit.

Sources: The Metal Gear Wiki, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
[*]Body and Subassemblies: Two Legs, Two striker arms ("Railgun & Radome"), limited rotation turret.
[*]Drivetrain: One 4,154.375kW leg drivetrain in legs.
[*]Arm Motors: One ST 2000 cheap striker arm motor in each arm.
[*]Cockpit: Basic Cockpit in turret.
[*]Built-In Weapons: Two 30mm X GAU-8R Avenger rotary cannons in turret facing forward with 2,500 shots each, Free-Electron Mobile Tactical High-Energy Laser (MTHEL-FE, [ArmsTech International V17 Vulcan Cannon, Searing LaserStorm High-Energy Cutter "Slice n' Dice"]) in body facing forward, four 178mm REX missile launchers concealed (see GURPS Vehicles p.42) in body facing upwards with 6 AGM-114P "Hellfire" HEAT missiles each, 18.5m Rail Gun (Special Ops Optimum Bombardment 422 "Widowmaker" 330mm launch tube) in right arm with three 200kt Nuclear Warheads, Retractable Sharp Claws (foot spikes) in each leg.
[*]Weapon Accessories: 178mm REX missile launchers in body are linked, MTHEL-FE has casemate mount, and all AGM-114P missiles are in anti-blast magazines.
[*]Sensors: 50-mile range PESA in left arm facing forward, 125-mile range AESA in left arm facing forward.
[*]Comsuite: Basic Comsuite in Turret.
[*]Electronic Countermeasures (ECM): Deceptive Jammer (Jam Rating 6) in turret.
[*]Power Systems: 5,354kW Gas Turbine (ArmsTech AGM 4000 "Behemoth") in body powers all systems except MTHEL-FE using 294.5gph of Diesel fuel. 20,000,000kWs TL9 non-rechargeable power cell (Laser Pro Pack) in body powers MTHEL-FE for 174 shots.
[*]Fuel and Fuel Tanks: 1,515-gallon self-sealing tank in body provides fuel for 5 hours of Gas Turbine operation.
[*]Cargo Space: 34.5 cf of cargo space in right arm. 250 cf of cargo space in body. Load Weight 6,725lbs.
[*]Access Space: 107.38cf of access space in body, 252cf of access space in each leg.
[*]Volumes: Right Arm 1200cf, Left Arm 195cf, Turret 1200cf, Body 2860cf, Each Leg 2,520cf.
[*]Structure: Heavy Frame, Advanced Materials. Foot Rollers.
[*]Hit Points: Body HP 4,500, Turret HP 2,400, Each Leg HP 3,600, Right Arm HP 4,800, Left Arm HP 500 (Original HP 1,500).
[*]Surface Features: Sealed. Radical Stealth. One 324lb. Hardpoint on each leg.
[*]Armor: TL10 Laminate Armor is PD 4 DR 56, except for left arm which is PD 3 DR 15.
[*]Statistics: Loaded Weight 115,150 lbs., Loaded Mass 57.58 tons, Empty Weight 85,802 lbs., Empty Mass 42.9 tons. Mecha Volume 10,495 cf (388.7 cy). Size Modifiers +7; Right Arm +5; Left Arm +3; Turret +5; Each Leg +5. Price $29,745,029. Health 12.
[*]Dimensions: Height 39.37ft., Length 24.46 ft., Width 18.9ft.
[*]ST and Reach: Body ST 9,000. Arm ST 2000. Right Arm Reach 14. Left Arm Reach 8. Thr. Damage 6dx34. Sw. Damage 6d x 35.
[*]Ground Performance: Ground Speed 70mph (90mph on foot rollers). Ground Acceleration (see GURPS Vehicles p.129) 19mph/s. gMR 1.25. gSR 2 (gSR 1 on foot rollers). Ground Move 12/35 (12/45 on foot rollers). Jump-capable.
[*]Other: Usual Hardpoint load is 3 AGM-114P "Hellfire" HEAT missiles on each hardpoint.

As for the weapons, the MTHEL-FE is just a TL8 medium laser cannon from the GURPS Mecha weapon tables (the claws are there too), but the rest I created using the GURPS Vehicles design system. Their stats are as follows:
[*]X GAU-8R Avenger rotary cannon:
Malf: Ver. Dam: 6d x 5 1/2d: 1,800 Max: 7,600 Acc: 15 Wt.: 619.5 lbs. SS: 25 Cost: $30,738 RoF: 78 Pow.: 15.8kW
[*]178mm REX Missile Launchers:
SS: 20 RoF: 1/5 Wt.: 356 lbs. Cost: $6,950 Rating: 108 lbs.

The Railgun was designed as a Gun/Launcher:

As Gun: Type: Cr. Dam: 6d x 58 SS: 30 Acc: 20 1/2D: 6,100 Max: 15,000
Weight: 5,600.5 RoF: 1/11 Cost: $2,453,963 Pow:1,137

As Launcher: SS:30 RoF: 1/8 Wt: As above. Cost: As above. Rating: 700

And the missiles:[*]AGM-114P "Hellfire" HEAT Missile:
Malf: Crit. Guid: SALH Type: Exp. Dam: 6d x 56(10) Spd: 487 End: 34 Max: 8,800 Min: 0 Skill: 17 WPS: 108 VPS: 2.16 CPS: $12,461

There it is. I tried to make it closer to its official statistics. I couldn't decide how to create the railgun projectiles (whether as Nuclear Bullets, Smart Bombs, Missiles, or Unguded bombs), so there aren't any statistics for the nukes here. I left a lot of cargo space in the railgun arm, though, so you can just store ammunition in there.

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