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Default Re: Armor Divisor; issues?

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
If AD is a problem, you must be using some somewhat odd parameters. What is the context here? Are you talking about AD 2 as an Innate Attack enhancement? As an imbuement? As an innate property of armor-piercing ammo? As a weapon enchantment?

On Innate Attacks, obviously if there's a maximum penetration you want to allow you shouldn't let AD break that bound.

On the other cases, we need much more information...
Any of those. I keep forgetting;
Originally Posted by vierasmarius View Post
Also keep in mind that there are other ways to deal with damage besides DR. Quick or skillful enemies can actively defend, exotic creatures may be Diffuse or Insubstantial, or just have so much HP (or traits like Supernatural Durability / Unkillable) that they can shrug off penetrating blows. And as the GM, you can always just add more minions; even if they go down in one hit, he can only kill so many at once.
Because I tend to have most combat be important battles; Almost all battles are because the PCs want to fight, not because the NPCs necessarily do. I should add monsters as above. Actually, I just need to add monsters in general.

The main problem was; I use Low-Tech as a base for things. AD(2) rips through almost all armor in it.
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While I do not think that GURPS is perfect I do think that it is more balanced than what I am likely to create by GM fiat.
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