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Originally Posted by Farmer
I'm curious about this. Since the process has no tracking, how are you able to provide this information
Customer feedback.

and, if it's correct, why could no action be taken on a missing item in less than 4 weeks?
While it usually takes about two weeks, it does sometimes take a week or two longer (particularly if it's a big package, or there is inclement weather between here and there) and most "missing" packages show up during that time.

I can only discuss my experiences. When working for both Australian and International banking groups I found that the service varied from courier company to courier company and those who were good at one thing were not always good at another. I'm sure you regularly review your shipping arrangements but, if I may be so bold, perhaps testing a few companies with a greater presence in the regions to which you are shipping might prove fruitful?
Well, the "regions to which we ship" is pretty much the whole planet. That's one of the strengths of UPS International Mail. Since it utilizes the destination country's own postal system, we're not limited on the countries to which we can ship.

Fair enough. Might I suggest at least, then, that you mention the 2 week time figure (or more specific per region if available). When I paid for the premium product of the Deluxe Set I would have considered (as would my friend who had worse fortune) spending some extra to ensure prompt delivery.
Displayed at the top of the "pick a shipping method screen" during check-out:
"If you choose to have your order shipped via U.S. Postal Service or UPS International Mail, please allow at least 4 weeks for delivery."
I'm afraid we can't be more specific than that, given the high level of variability and that the delivery data can't be guaranteed.
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