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Default Re: International Shipping

Thank you for your response, Michelle. It can't have been easy reading through my doggerel :-)

However, this delivery period is not typical. Most international orders arrive within 2 weeks.
I'm curious about this. Since the process has no tracking, how are you able to provide this information and, if it's correct, why could no action be taken on a missing item in less than 4 weeks?

If UPS having figures to back the claim it would be interesting to see them, particularly if it was broken down by region (it might, for example, show longer times in some regions which may be useful to post on your help page).

International Mail is cheap, but not great. UPS Expedited is great, but definitely not cheap.
I can only discuss my experiences. When working for both Australian and International banking groups I found that the service varied from courier company to courier company and those who were good at one thing were not always good at another. I'm sure you regularly review your shipping arrangements but, if I may be so bold, perhaps testing a few companies with a greater presence in the regions to which you are shipping might prove fruitful?

I know that when we used to send secondary copies of documents through such services we were able to track deliveries up to the point of deposit into the foreign mail system and we could obtain specific information if a 3rd party mail system was to be used in the process. Such details might help customers to be better informed of the process and would be a good addition, in my view, to the very good help file that you already promote highly to purchasers.

Airmail may be trackable in Australia, but it isn't in the US.
Standard Airmail isn't, but it is an option and, when *goods* are exported they always obtain customs' clearance and that data can be tracked.

A week ago I airmailed to the US a box of stuffed toys (kangaroo and wombat, as it happens) as gifts for a friend's new baby. The customs' declaration is in line with international agreement on the form and does contain a specific tracking number (this is even more apparent in the current terrorist environment).

It would make sense, though, that the US would be far more concerned with what is entering the country than leaving, and that could certainly explain the differences.

We would love to be able to improve our international economy shipping method, but we simply don't have access to anything better that's in the same price range.
Fair enough. Might I suggest at least, then, that you mention the 2 week time figure (or more specific per region if available). When I paid for the premium product of the Deluxe Set I would have considered (as would my friend who had worse fortune) spending some extra to ensure prompt delivery.

In any business transactions problems will arise and it is more the measure of the company in their ability to resolve the problem than anything else. SJ Games continue to do very well in that regard.

Once again, thank you kindly for your comments.
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