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Originally Posted by Farmer
With that said, though, I implore you, SJ Games - Steve, even - to please consider removing a delivery option which fails to offer any method of tracking, confirmation or determination of results. Whilst expectations are lowered when the cost is lowered they never sink to the point of expecting nothing which is only just below the level of that particular service.
We terribly sorry that you had such an unpleasant experience with our International Mail option. However, this delivery period is not typical. Most international orders arrive within 2 weeks.

The great frustration of international shipping is that there are no options that are both good and cheap. International Mail is cheap, but not great. UPS Expedited is great, but definitely not cheap.

There are better means of international distribution that offer a more attractive pricing than the direct courier. Regular airmail post would, at least, allow for tracking and verification of delivery. Every article entering Australia requires a custom clearance and can be tracked from that clearance.
Airmail may be trackable in Australia, but it isn't in the US. It also isn't available for the majority of international orders we ship (they're too big). We discontinued offering US Postal options for international shipping because we couldn't calculate the exact shipping cost or assign a method during order checkout. Some of our long-time customers will remember the horror of shipping rates based on price (40% of order total) rather than weight and unpredictable shipping times of between a week (for small, light orders) and six months (for stacks of books).

We would love to be able to improve our international economy shipping method, but we simply don't have access to anything better that's in the same price range.
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