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Default Shielding Earth/Moving Earth from Suns Red Giant phase.

Just been reading a chart of deep time that stated it would take 1 Billion Years of multiple flybys by asteroids , to move Earth far enough out to avoid being cooked . I reckon that's too long & with concentrated effort - and avoiding catastrophic interaction with Mars & Jupiter - it could be done in under 5 Million years . Humanity would've probably long left by then , but placed automated robotic 'guardians' to help preserve humanity's Cradle & any remaining natural lifeforms .

As it is , Earth will start to become uncomfortably hot by about 200 Million AD ( sooner if we keep dumping ridiculous amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere ) & the Sun increasing in Luminosity .
Other predictions state as low as 50 Million years or as high as 600 Million - all depending on Continental Drift & variability in Earth's Orbit & inclination .

Sunstorm by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter had most of the World's population pooling resources to prevent the Earth being cooked by a huge Solar Flare in 2042 A.D. & while optimistic , I reckon we'd to do something similar by around 2150 to 2200 A.D ? Semi Self Replicating Robot Probe spacecraft , using asteroid materials to create some sort of usable Shield .

What do others think ? Am I being overoptimistic ?
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