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Default Re: Sincere belief and desire to help is required - how I handled it

Originally Posted by hal View Post
I must confess that I've little experience with either of Anime or Warhammer 40K.

Why not describe it a little more? I'm always willing to help create spreadsheets for people.
Very (very) roughly:

The Genki Dama is a ball of energy (some sort of spell if you wish), build by gathering the energy of the creatures in the universe. The "caster" usually asks all the beings in the universe for their energy. IN exchange, the "caster" saves the world (i.e. defeats a boss with the spell, provided it hits)

Slaneesh feeds from the lust of the “Dark Elves” from WH40K. If you are his “disciple”, he empowers you to gather such energy to cast magic (buffs, de-buffs, attacks, etc.).
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