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Genesis offers health services and pharmaceutical products, as well as other products that it can control, such as androids, artificial intelligences, virtual reality consoles and suits or electric power, and exploits other technologies to produce benefits, like the robotic manufacture or the biofabrication of human organs and other tissues.
What exactly do YOU mean by "android"? In the science fiction I read from childhood through the first phases of adulthood, an android was an artificially created living organism, as distinguished from a robot, which was a mechanical intelligence being capable of mobility. More recently, perhaps because of the influence of George Lucas, "android" or "droid" seems to mean a mechanical being, and artificial living organisms are called "bioroids."

If you are envisioning a company that is creating artificial living humanoid beings, it is going to have an incredibly negative Reputation among huge numbers of peopleŚwith some, for blasphemy; with some, for creating a slave race; with some, for threatening human dominance. You are likely to have to deal with what Dungeons and Dragons called the Angry Villager Rule. If it's creating human-shaped machines, the reaction will be much less, but such beings also make much less use of its core competencies.
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