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Yeah, that was the plan. I wanted to make a character that didn't outshine some of the less experienced players. However Dungeon Fantasy doesn't suffer weak characters well.

Barbarians are pretty stat-rich and Halfling only improves that. They do have a -1 MV but their racial template tips the Barbarian into 14DX 14 HT so not only as I still faster than most of the players but my Basic Speed is pretty glorious.

I took boomerangs because they seemed like a cool pygmy-like weapon but they're really understated. The Barbarian strength gives them a really good range and hits for 2d crushing. With my Halfling marksmanship I can often target limbs and break them.

Spear seemed like a logical choice for my primitive character with the Halfling's DX bump and the thematic choice to take Weapon Bond my Melee Spear skill was ridiculously high (Again cool aesthetic, but not as useful as other choices of points). Then It occurred to me how likely I can put someone's eye out with an extra attack each turn. And he's left a pretty wide trail of one-eyed corpses. Also that high weapon skill paired with the reach make me really useful at attacking into close combat when someone grapples my allies.

I loved the Barbarian toughness and wanted to bolster it with a little bit of armor so I bargained with the GM to have Heavy Leather function as a treated alligator hide and. That 5 DR and my -2 SM has not made life easy for Goblin archers. But the real pay-off has been how much every grins when I mime opening the gator mouth like a helmet visor to talk.

The trait I was worried would make him too powerful was Berserk, which turns out to not be so great. With his bloated HP pool it takes a lot of work to stop him when he's berserk but not being able to take advantage of terrain or reach or really do anything but run in stabbing takes a lot of my ability away and having the Barbarians abysmal IQ just makes it harder to resist or break out of my tiny red rage.

My tiny Barbarian even has a nice advancement trajectory. I had taken animal handling-Monkey and a quirk about wanting "Battle Monkeys" because hilarity ensues with Halfling barbarian and monkeys but Monkeys are actually pretty savage in the books and could definitely aid me in battle.
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