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Default Re: How do you all handle mounted combat?

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
Yes, that would help. I would probably attempt an easy version of what GURPS does (adding turning circles for fast movers, possibly even adding speed change limits).

There are various ways to do that.

If we want to avoid applying it to fast runners too (?), we might want to specify it only applies to mounted and flying movement.

A problem with starting the effects at MA 15+ (which I assume you did to avoid affecting Elves with Running), is that mounts can move full MA and their riders can still attack (compared to normal fighters who can only move 1/2 MA and attack), so though I haven't playtested it yet, I'd expect to want limits to kick in around MA 6 or 7 - the point where someone in no armor and running is, and the point where you can run around someone facing you two hexes away to get to their rear, if you can move freely.

* To move your mount MA 7+, you must say you are going to do so, and then move only into your front hexes, and you may only change facing by 1 hexside every 2 hexes you move. At least every other hex you move must be directly ahead into your center front hex.

* To move MA 9+, as above, and you may only change facing every 3 hexes you move.

* To move MA 11+, as above, and you may only change facing every 4 hexes you move.

And/or something like:

* If you move 1/2 MA to 3/4 your MA, you can only change facing up to 2 hexsides per turn.

* If you move 3/4 your MA or more, you can only change facing one hexside per turn.

Those numbers are coming from a quick adaptation from GURPS Basic turning circles. What actual values would work best want some playtesting I have not done yet.

Idea being you can't just zoom tightly behind opponents' front hexes to hit them in the side and rear, and if you're going really fast you need to mainly be moving the same direction or turning slightly, not doing circles and zigzags.
Or just say, "A figure's movement stops if its facing changes by more than 60 degrees from the start of movement."

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