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Default Re: How do you all handle mounted combat?

Originally Posted by Axly Suregrip View Post
It looks like no one talked to this aspect that Skarg points out. I have seen this too. A single mounted fighter with enough room (Wizard map often used in outdoor encounters), just zips around (horse MA 24 and Fighter may attack with horse running full speed) and picks off foes. Specially when he wins the initiative and lets the foes move first. It is like Nightcrawler teleporting all over and those on foot are at his whim.

Even mounted vs mounted can get a little weird if one mount is a bit faster.

A mounted warrior should have an advantage, but it should not feel teleporty. A horse moving full speed should have a hard time making tight turns.

How about this: if a creature with MA of 16+ moves over half MA, it may only move to hexes that are one of the three front hexes. This would be true for every hex moved.

I'm probably doing it wrong but that would still allow a horse to do a 180 with 3 MA. Surely no one simply let's a horse do a 180 in the 2 hexes he previously occupied (which would cost 1 or 2 MA)???

Surely no one lets a 1-hex figure do a 180 (or even 120) in his current hex and keep moving???

It would seem better to me to say that movement stops (for anyone) when their facing changes by more than 60 degrees (more than one side of a hex) from their starting facing.

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