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Default Re: Pentagram strength?

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
So when something tries to break through a pentagram for the first time, a 3-die roll is called for to see if the pentagram holds, against the drawer's IQ.

For an enchanted Permanent Pentagram, the 3 dice vs. IQ of the enchanter is used.

Cool, right? It matters who drew it, so you want Fantasmo the best pentagram drawer...

But, er, Pentagram is an IQ 15 spell, and a 16+ is an automatic failure on 3 dice. (So effectively, it's always a 3 dice vs 15 roll for any pentagram, no?)

So if we like the idea of different-strength pentagrams, how can this best be salvaged?
If a scroll is involved I don't think it's always against IQ 15?
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