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Default Re: [DF11] Demonology Question

Originally Posted by Mehman View Post

Thanks, Kromm! With your answer and Kelly's, it seems I was thinking of it the wrong way. The pieces of the puzzle are complete. All hail the puzzle!
Glad to help! And here's a generalized bonus answer:

In published GURPS, when a power modifier for an entire power is a net limitation and not terribly applicable to a specific ability, we try to avoid having it become a consequence-free discount. One way to do that is not to apply it to those abilities . . . except that tends to isolate those abilities from the rest of the power, which isn't pleasing in a narrative sense. We therefore avoid that and instead change the drawback for those abilities, as here. (For instance, if a whole power involved abilities that cost 1 FP per use but one ability was intended to regenerate FP, we would simply say that for that one ability, the FP cost is replaced by some comparable drawback, like causing you to suffer from the equivalent of Slow Riser whenever you're missing FP.)
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