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Default [DF11] Demonology Question

Another question from me. At least it's been awhile since the last one.

I'm reading through Power-Ups and get to the Hellfire ability under the Demonologist power-ups. The last sentence or two make absolutely no sense to me. I'll quote the confusing part:

"... the Demonology modifier ensures that if the user ever drops to -HP or worse thanks to using Hellfire, he's at a -1 on the HT roll to avoid death, with failure meaning he goes to Hell and can't be resurrected."

I've read the Demonology entry in Summoners until my eyes have crossed. I'm not seeing where the Demonology modifier ensures this -1 to HT roll or dying and going to Hell where he can't be resurrected (unless an Orphic saga is launched, I presume) because of using Hellfire. Under the "Advantages" section for the Hellfire power, it doesn't spell this out either.

Someone help me out!

(This was posted in the DFRPG forum by mistake. Who knew DF and DFRPG were different?!)
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