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Default Dag's Dicount Henchmen: Bladedancer

"Dag, what have you dragged back this time?"

"Llandor, this is Anwahto. You guys know each other?"

"...Dag, you know you can't just assume all eleves know each other."

So Anwahto, what brings you to the delving lifestyle? Last I heard your dad had sent you to the treethedral to become a priest.

"Yeah, that's kind of an insulting assumption to make. I know I'm new, but could you be a little more diplomatic? I thought that you'd find that sort of thing natural and all, being a bard."

Yeah, that didn't work out. Neither did the apprenticship with old Parfi.

"You guys seem pretty sincerely offended and all, but I know for a fact that there's less than 200 elves total in town. It's really not much of a stretch."

From the outfit and blades, I assume the bladedancer circle worked out a little better?

"But we value our privacy immensely Dag. Be a little more sensitive next time, will ya?"

Yep, I'm certified and everything, ready to stab orcs. I'm gonna show that old man that mechanting is the slow road to riches.

"...You know you guys can't speak elvish, right?"

"What? I mean - What?"

"Yeah, right here, page 9 – only the cranky old trad elves still speak it. Saves 6 points on your racial templates. So unless you have 6 CP to spare I'd stick to common from now on."

"You suck the fun out of everything Dag."

"I'm the life of the party when I want to be Llandor. Can you get Anwahto here introduced around prepped to leave tomorrow early?"

"Yeah, Dag, I can. C'mon lets go meet the gang. Maybe Masha can give you some tips on half-naked melee."

125-point Elf Bladedancer
Anwhato is a proud, lean elf in tight green dancing clothes, bearing two wavy blades and a longbow. He is a bit haughty, but perfectly willing to sign on with a delving group for $500 a week or (preferably) a full share of any treasure. He is confident his traditional elvish bladedancing skills are well worth it, and he wants to make enough money and fame to show his completely unglorious merchant parents that he is better than them, better than the priest he was apprenticed to, better than the wizard he was also apprenticed to, and in fact better than the blade dancing master that saw and brought out significant promise in him, but eventually kicked him out for his inability to control his impulses.

His estranged father will secretly contact any group considering taking Anwahto on, as will offer to subsidize him if they promise to bring him back in one piece. Every time Anwahto makes it back from the dungeon not seriously hurt dad will quietly make it worth the delvers' while – paying his wage, or giving better rates when selling items (as +1 wealth level), or similar. If his son is badly hurt, he will use it as an excuse to reconcile and whisk him away, paying nothing. If Anwahto dies, the PCs might find some disturbingly competent elven assassins on their tail. (A lot depends on the tale they tell here – a chance for PC bards to save the other PCs' bacon!)

ST 11 [10]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 11 [10]
Damage 1d/2d-1; BL 24 lbs.; HP 11 [0]; Will 10 [0]; Per 10 [0]; FP 11 [0].
Basic Speed 6.00 [5]; Basic Move 7 [5]; Move 7
Dodge 10 ; Parry 13 (fencing); Block N/A

Ambidexterity [5]
Appearance (Attractive) [4]
Bladedancer's Spurning [1] (Can make acrobatic dodges using the dance skill)
Enhanced Parry (Main-Gauche) [5]
Forest Guardian 2 [10]
Magery 0 [5]
Striking ST 2 [10]
Trademark Move (Dual Attack - Meryalė Thrust to Vitals skill 12/1d+3imp, Lossė cut to weapon hand, 13 skill/2d cut, Both -1 to defend due to DWA)
Weapon Master (Knives) [20]
Weapon Bond and Sig Gear (Main-Gauche x2, Meryalė and Lossė) 4

Disadvantages and Quirks
Code of Honor, Gentleman's [-10]
Greed (15) [-7]
Impulsive [-10]
Overconfidence (12) [-5]
Sense of Duty, Nature [-15]
Sense of Duty, Adventuring Companions [-5]

Conspicuously proud of his Bladedancing skills [-1]
Loves sugar a little too much [-1]
Hides his mercantile background [-1]
Craves glory [-1]
Likes the cold despite thin outfit [-1]

Bow-14* [2]
Boxing – 11 [1]
Climbing-11 [1]
Conoisseur (Woodwork) - 9 [1]
Dancing -13 [4]
Fast Draw Knife -14 [4]
First Aid - 10 [1]
Main-Gauche - 16 [16]
Merchant - 9 [1]
Religious Ritual - 8 [1]
Savior-Faire-10 [1]
Stealth - 14* [2]
Wrestling - 11 [1]
* Includes +2 from Forest Guardian
Measurement – 8 [1]

$2000, 19 lbs (No Encumberance)
Backpack, Small, (holds canteen, rations, personal basics) $60, 3lbs.
Canteen. Full. 1 qt. Water. $10, 3lbs.
Coins. $10
Clothing. $0, 2lbs. Fine forest green suede dancer's outfit with white trim
Dagger (in boot): 1d+1imp (C) $20, 0.25 lb.
Longbow: Acc 3, 165/220 yds $200, 3lbs
20 Arrows: $40, 3 lbs wth quiver 1d+2
Lossė (Wavy-Bladed*, Balanced, Silver Coated Main-Gauche): 2d cut, 1D+2 imp (C,1) $400, 1.25 lbs
Meryalė (Wavy-Bladed*, Balanced, Fine Main-Gauche): 2d+1 cut, 1d+3 imp (C,1) $1250, 1.25 lbs
Personal Basics . $5, 1 lb
Rations, Elven, Shaped like fir trees (6). $30, 1 lb.
Pouch (has coins). $20, 0.2 lb
* Wavy-Bladed is cosmetic (treat as Ornate +1), but Anwahto thinks it's really cool.
Anwahto is fairly useful against fodder, but lacks a depth of defensive options. Missile weapons, flails, and heavy weapons can simply brush is parries aside, he completely lacks DR, and he's not very tough (HT 11, 11 HP). It might make sense to use him to guard the squishier delvers in the rear, plinking away with his bow when appropriate, but he will protest any such assignment. He is overconfident and impulsive, and he wants some glory.

Good luck keeping him alive.

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