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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

2057 Update

Thunderbolt - Midsize, X-Hvy. Chassis, Large Power Plant, Hvy. Suspension, 4 PR Tires, Driver w/Body Armor & FP Suit, Bumper Triggered BC w/HEAT ammo (F), SD w/Explosive Ammo (B), HMG w/HD Ammo Turret, 3x FCD (1R, 1L, 1B), 1 FOD (U), Hi-Res Computer, Armor: F40, R35, L35, B35, T25, U10. 2-10pt. Wheelhubs (F), 2-10pt. Wheelguards (B), Accel. 5, Top Speed 92.5 MPH, HC 3, 5,758 lbs., $24,780.
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