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Default Re: Role of archers in low-tech parties?

Originally Posted by Dorin Thorha View Post
It is true that the Romans did not field many archers, but ranged combat with javelins and slings was still a very important part of their strategy.

Although that all changed around 5C -9C doctrine. around Justinian and Maurice's time archery was expected from every soldier. Check out the startegikon, the war veteran emperor was overly zealous about almost all his troops being archer capable. If you look at the formation notes, Most unit inside a block can shoot arrows. All units on the formation perimeter were heavy infantry.


just a quick "sketch" everyone inside were light infantry but, their definition of light infantry was synonymous with archers. In mentions about the equipment and training appears to confirm it. I would guess around 4cp archers (weapon bond, proficiency, and fast draw).

There was mention of tactics that used range attacks for harassment and allowing other units to close in. There was no mention of how these tactics were supposed to inflict losses and the amount of archery practice each soldier had was not comparable to dedicated archers. The tactics discussed seems more about softening up opponents when they can be pinned down with effective coordinated flanking and fire.

Imagining of the more organized roman units coordinating their fire from two different direction, which spread the enemy's defenses thinly. then signaling to one another which one should move to engage when the enemies moral or organization wavers. with just proper timing, they can break their enemy with a well executed successive charge, and not need to give chase if they are against superior no. by just finishing them off at ranged.

On can even use the same in small unit tactics.
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