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Default Re: Role of archers in low-tech parties?

Originally Posted by Agramer View Post
Point is in formation..turning around whole formation makes it stop in spot and it aint advancing anymore toward your lines..
i didnīt meanīt turning around the whole formation only to redirect the last lines zo form a shieldwall, Karree, testudo etc

You can use longer bows from horsback,or recurved ones.
phoenix42 wrote shortbow or crossbow

Actually,Khan Died and they went back home to elect new one,as their custom was.
which is a nice story but the timeline isnīt supporting that,

If not counting few battles,it was Europeans being beaten by Turks ;)
not by by the sejuqs later by the Ottomans, Outremer hold for a long time.

.Though yes..Archers without protection would get stomped by cavalry
i was answering to mounted archers
Originally Posted by Steve Jackson
Just the continent. We've always left the rest of the world to YOU :-)
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