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Default Re: Role of archers in low-tech parties?

The role of the archer is to shoot at the opposition before it closes to melee range. After that the archer goes into melee just like the others. Sometimes he might be able to swing keeping his distance and firing every 2-4 turns or so, depending on him having Fast-Draw or not. Fast-Draw does make a difference here, in those 100-150 pointers. One of the main challenges is the fact the Ready-ing that archers do a lot allows "only" Stepping - thus, if the archer needs distance he has to spend even more time getting that distance.

But attacking at a distance IS an advantage. You can reach just about everyone on the field, and in spread-out affairs, the archer can easily end up dominating while the tanks stomp around forever.

As in all things GURPS the value of points spent depend on the game providing the conditions under which those points come into play.

In tight places, with opponents coming from all directions, the archer will be sad.

In open, free-range battles he is much happier.

In bottlenecks where he can be elevated, and safe behind frontline fighters - he's estatic. Especially if the opponents have no missile users of their own ;-)

edit: Sniping is of course also an opportunity.

Setting is all - and the role varies with the setting.

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