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Default Re: Emerging smokepowder weapons in my fantasy

Can FR mages bind elementals? If yes make windbusche guns. What is the shot capacity of an elemental? Will it basically work until you run out of shot? Larger elmentals could be bound to organ guns. Larger elementals may be able to produce more than the 2dpi+ damage of the windbusche in High Tech.

If binding an elemental to a gun is too expensive then bind it to a resupply cart for a jaeger company armed with windbusche guns. It fills reservoirs. Constantly.

I suspect that air elementals are restricted to subsonic speeds. I am not sure why I think that but it makes sense to me. If you are already carrying fire around for matchlocks and want to go supersonic you could try using a fire elemental to create a steam explosion. Yes it will torment the fire elemental but what do you care?

It may be that the economy of the magic rules dictates that small elemental powered guns would be too expensive. It may make sense to go for a larger cannon then. I don't have Magic rules and therefore I am extrapolating from common myth.

Straight magic may prove useful too. Isn't there an Air Jet spell in GURPS? If that was enchanted into the breech how would it translate it's effects onto a 1 ounce lead ball? How about Create Air in the breech or a reservoir chamber?Again economics may interfere with it or the benefit of having it always available with the gun rather than a seperate expense may work out.
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