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Um, why? I'm not particularly familiar with the outer limit but if it's the greatest distance where planets could form that would be related to density of the protoplanetary disk at a given distance.

The heliopause in contrast is determined by current out of the Sun's solar wind v. the resistance of the interstellar medium. Totally different phenomena and in particular both the snow line and the outer limit would be characteristics of the very early solar system whiel the heliopause would change over time.
I think my thought process was something like "This is the furthest point planets can form before the sun ignites and the solar wind pushes all the other particles away. This is the furthest the solar wind goes. They must be related." As you note, however, the heliopause probably changes with time, so while there was probably some relationship between the two in the beginning, as the sun matures the relationship is going to get weaker, to the point it's not something you can really use. So much for that idea, I suppose.

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The few histories of the later period deciphered seem to hint at the existence of a "stagnation bomb" that stopped the life processes of an ecosystem. It is now clear that these bombs were used millennia ago on Endymion. This weapon would allow someone to sweep a planet clean of life and then effortlessly reseed that planet with your chosen life forms.
That is a rather interesting Doomsday weapon, and one that would make me paranoid of alien species flying around with such, just looking for an inhabited planet they can use one on to kickstart their terraforming.
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