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France is perking along in strange ways in Azoth-8. The Events of May 1968 didn't happen...yet. All the same tensions are perking along at a lower pitch. As Algeria is still French, the Right-wing isn't seen as a paper tiger yet. French expansion into space promotes both strong rivalry with the Anglo-Americans and lots of cooperation and friendliness towards both of those nations as well (especially as team-ups between the various space forces have been good for French Space Expansion).

If the USA in this setting is more Flower Children and Star Travelers, France is something similar on way too much caffeine. Read the book The Other Paris. The sections on the Sixties and the Occult will be especially useful.

One cool campaign might be to have your agents find out the significance of the Game obsessing so many Parisians. It seems to make the map of Paris the key to using Paris as an occult game-board. I'm drawing this from Le Pont du Nord and Rue des maléfices. Games are rituals, games have prizes, rituals summon things, what prize will you summon?
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