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Default Re: GURPS DF / DFRPG Random Dungeon Generator


A HTML/CSS/JavaScript based random dungeon generator for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, and for GURPS (particularly the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy product line).

This is intended as an entirely stand-alone and cross-platform application. It does not require web hosting and it does not require installation of a scripting environment or other special software. You can visit it at one of the web presences at or, or you can run it at home! All you need is to download, unzip, and then open "index.html" in a relatively modern web-browser (I just can't support IE6, sorry).


The primary intent is twofold:
  • to accelerate game preparation, so the GM can minimize paperwork and maximize fun
  • to remind GMs about the many factors of dungeon design that are core parts of game balance in DFRPG and GURPS.

The most obvious two issues when GMs design their own "dungeons" are forgetting about mana and sanctity levels (making spellcasters particularly powerful), and not providing a varied enough palette of challenges (resulting in one profession becoming "the best" or another profession becoming "the worst"). Individual GMs have their own blind spots - unintentionally doing something the same all the time. The dungeons generated may not make sense, but they definitely have variety - and even a silly random dungeon can remind you about dungeon details you usually forget.

The extreme use-case for this app is "push button, receive dungeon, start playing by reading out what's on the paper". It is currently possible to operate this way, but the experience will have bizarre elements introduced by the random systems and be a bit lifeless. Consider taking 30 minutes to review the output and replacing unsuitable encounters and descriptions. Or come up with a story to explain the insanity!
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