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Default Re: GURPS Powers: Divine Favor

Originally Posted by RyanW View Post
I just noticed an oddity. The cost for Patron comes up to 57 before taking into account frequency of appearance. However, that comes out to 29, 57, 114, and 171 for the standard frequencies of appearance. Divine Favor "rounds to the nearest 5 points" but gives 25, 55, 110, and 170. I assume this was a conscious decision to get a steadily progressing incremental cost.
Sort of. I turned the existing FOA modifiers into an equation (a while ago -- don't have it anymore), used that to get the new values for each FOA (which included obtaining new, slightly-different values for the canonical FOA breakpoints), and then rounded those to the nearest 5 points. So there's a bit of a double-adjustment going on here.

Anyway, don't sweat small differences too much, here. Divine Favor is a new, standalone advantage, not a worked example/ability -- which is why I didn't give an actual breakdown and statistics line for it. Think of it as "inspired by the Patron advantage with these modifiers," if you prefer. :)
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