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Default Re: GURPS Powers: Divine Favor

Originally Posted by Peter Knutsen View Post
What would your advice be, to someone who prefers his miracles much subtler? Can GURPS Divine Favor be adapted to that?
To that I answer, "It's built with GURPS!" That is, it can be adapted to anything. :)

Clearly., the Learned Prayers can just be toned down a lot (to give smaller bonuses), which lovers their point cost, but what about the core cost of the Patron? How should that be changed?

I'm thinking one possibility would be to ask how the Patron would be Limited if the result was capped at Good and can never be better. I think that would be a reasonable fit for my preference.
Hmm, good question. Off the top of my head, that's basically the equivalent of moving down the Patron list -- that is, you're slowly moving from "true god" to "limited manifestation of a true god" to "limited manifestation of a minor god" when it comes to power level. I'd want to keep it simple, using -20% increments (since Divine Favor is divisible by 5). All considered, off the top of my head, I'd use something like:

Limited Manifestation: For whatever reason, your god cannot bring His full power to bear on our material plane. For game purposes, this caps the maximum effective reaction that you can roll and the strength of the learned prayers you can obtain. Limited Manifestation, Very Good is -20%; Good is -40%; and Neutral is -60%. This limitation only applies to the cost of Divine Favor -- not to any learned prayers!

This way, the GM could allow a weak version of Divine Favor for a more realistic, subtle game. I could see a preacher with Divine Favor 9 (Limited Manifestation, Neutral, -60%) [22] and several learned prayers, all only minor blessings. That limitation might be worth more, but at the same time, I'd hate to make it too cheap to be able to easily get your god's attention, even if His actions are limited!
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