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Default Re: [MA] Push and Push Kick differences?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
The significant difference is in how effect is calculated:

A shove (not "push") inflicts thrust/crushing damage, but at -1 per die if you use one hand and not two, doubled to find knockback but inflicting no actual harm. Since you can roll vs. Sumo Wrestling to hit, you may add your bonus from that skill (+1 per die at DX+1, +2 per die at DX+2 or better).

A Push Kick inflicts standard kicking damage, doubled to find knockback but inflicting no actual harm. Kicking damage is normally thrust/crushing. Since it can be based on Brawling or Karate, you may add the relevant damage bonus (+1 per die for Karate at DX or Brawling at DX+2, +2 per die for Karate at DX+1 or better).

So for two people of equal ST and equivalent skill bonuses, a two-handed shove and a Push Kick are equally effective (a one-handed shove is slightly anemic relative to either). The main difference is what skills you're good at.

Push Kick has the side benefit of using the leg's long reach to deliver its force effectively above or below the target's center of mass, giving a DX penalty if the attack causes knockback at all.
Well, that answers it. The Kick actually *does* do more damage than the hand-push - for using only one hand. But since they normally use both hands, they are the same here.

Sure, what to use is mostly based on whether you have high Sumo or Brawling/Karate, for the damage bonus.

Is the penalty to DX roll to avoid falling down for all Push Kicks? I thought it was only for those aimed at the legs?
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