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Default Re: More questions about Munchkin

Originally Posted by AdmirableAdmiral View Post
23. The Bad Stuff for Wild Bill Hiccup says "Lose your Footgear. If you have no Footgear, lose a level." Armadillo's Bad Stuff "Lose your Footgear, or discard two cards if you have no Footgear."
The Crummy Old Boots cannot be lost to bad stuff, but are Footgear. If those were your only Footgear, would you avoid both possibilities from each of those bad stuff?
Good question :)

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
Hmmmmmm. . . I always want Bad Stuff to hit, if at all possible, but the wording is tough. You certainly have no Footgear to lose. . .
There are a few Footgear from Fantasy that also cannot be lost to Bad Stuff. Bear Feet and Barbarian Booties are two off the top of my head. So I'd also be curious to see what Andrew has to say about it.

If I had to make a snap judgment during a game, I'd say if you didn't lose the footgear, you'd suffer the other penalty. Unless, of course, you were already Level 1 in the former case, and had no cards in hand and no other cards on the table in the latter case.
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