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Susan Storm
[0] ST 10
[20] DX 11
[40] IQ 12
[20] HT 12
[5] Move 6

[4] Attractive
[8] Hard to Kill +4
[20] Talent: Force Fields 4

[24] Detect Invisible (Occasional; Precise +100%; Reflexive +40%)

[405] DR 20 (Affects Others +50%; Area 4 yds +100%; Fatigue 2/min -10%; Force Field +20%; Hardened 5 +100%; Ranged +40%; Requires Concentrate -15%; Selective +20%)
[33] Affliction 11 (Choking +100%; No Defense +300%; Respiratory +50%; Requires Concentrate -15%; AA: DR x1/5)
[30] Invisibility (Affects Others +50%; Med Enc +50%; Ranged +40%; Switchable +10%; AA: DR x1/5)
[34] Neutralize (All Sources +300%; Fatigue 2/use -10%; Ranged +40%;Requires Concentrate -15%; Only invisibility -80%)
[20] TK 20 (AA: DR x1/5)
[12] Walk on Air (Affects Others +50%; Area 2 +100%; Ranged +40%; AA: DR x1/5)

Innate Attack (Affliction)-18 (including +4 from Talent) [4]

Total: 667 (lots of room left for customization up to 750 points)

This version of Susan has quite a few potent abilities, but she's very limited in how she can apply them. On any given turn she can switch to:
- Create a fairly sizable DR 20 force field on herself or up to 10 yards away. She can shape this field selectively as long as it fits in a 4 yard radius.
- Alternatively, she can put a choking bubble around one target for as long as she concentrates on it. It's HT-10 to resist, no active defense, and DR doesn't help either. She just has to hit with her IA roll and maintain concentration on it.
- Alternatively she can be invisible and also make one willing subject she's touching invisible.
- Alternatively she can make one willing subject within 10 yards invisible, though she won't be since she's not touching it. (the latter is a house option for Affect others, since it comes out about the same as creating an AA beneficial affliction).
- Alternatively, she can force an invisible subject to be visible for as long as she concentrates, provided she can beat the target in a quick contest.
- Alternatively, she can use her force fields to manipulate/throw/push things as though she has a TK 20.
- Alternatively, she and group within her area can be propelled at her walking speed on a force field.
- Alternatively, she can offer a field for others within 10 yards to ride on.

She also has the ability to passively detect if someone invisible gets "close" to her (sense checks, +4 for Talent).

She can Power Block at double DR (IQ12 + 4 = 16, divided by 2, add 3) at an 11. Of course, she might as well do an AoD for +2 as well, since she won't have any offensive abilities to use at while defending.

The DR force field fits in rather nicely with the log values. It will stop Spidey, crack under pressure from the Thing unless reinforced with a Power Block, and defend pretty well against anything that isn't heavy ordinance.

She has a fair amount of utility stuff - invisibility to share, air movement to share, and taking care of enemies relying on invisibility. She can also deal with hard targets on her own via the Affliction, though she's extremely vulnerable using that.

Her attributes are intentionally conservative allowing her to be developed in multiple ways to hit 750 points. Option A would be to allow her to use more powers at once. Option B would allow her higher statistics to complement her invisibility (invisible stealthy attacker). Option C would be to add new dimension (make her a scientist like in the recent, not so great movie).
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