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Default Re: Moon Priests/Priestesses

Originally Posted by RyanW View Post
I think I would use whatever cleric power set seems most likely (probably the basic one), swap out a few spells if something else feels more appropriate, and treat sanctity as one higher during the full moon and one lower during the new moon.
I was considering a fair way to modify powers by the phases of the moon. I want the positives to balance out the negatives, so that this does not affect the point cost of abilities.

Powers granted by Su'en should be most powerful when the moon is shaped like a crescent, i.e. when it is waxing or waning. During the new moon, the powers should be penalised.

For most of the lunar cycle, including full moon, the powers should operate at par.

I'm concerned that a -5 penalty for Low Sanctity is a lot worse than the fairly minor benefit that High Sanctity gives. On the other hand, if it only counts as new moon for a few nights a month, it may be balanced.
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