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Default Re: Moon Priests/Priestesses

Originally Posted by the_seeker View Post
Out of curiosity: Why not from moonrise until moonset? Would you actually be so detailed as to keep track of moonrise without also keeping track of moonset? I find the "rise to set" option interesting since it would often include some day hours and exclude some night hours. It would occasionally exclude all night hours (at least for campaigns that are "our Earth except with this cool fantasy stuff").
I don't want to set up a situation where the protection expires before dawn, dooming the inhabitants to a dire fate. The assumption is that at dawn, whatever dark creatures are attempting entry will be forced to flee or at least some help is available and the protection thus worked.

Protection that doesn't last until dawn would be more of a torture device, for the average farmer and his family, in that nothing they do can change the outcome and both they and the dark creatures what will happen before dawn, but now there are a few hours for the knowledge to really sink in and cause them to despair.
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