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Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
More people should listen to that. :)

That said I think Fred is thinking of relatively conventional dungeon-adjacent adventuring, and while one obviously could run that in a WWII setting, I don't think they'd be a good fit.
Not that limited. We frequently want breaks from old-style dungeoneering and have tried many genres. It was Supers (Sentinels of the Multiverse) last weekend. then 2 sessions of Gurps Pirates! before that and the last extended campaign we ran was a Star Wars-ish homebrew that might see publication some day.

Dungeon-ish things just form the bulk of the adventure market and I am looking for something with extended play possibilities and (ideally) maps, pre-planned encounters and some sort of arc.

That's actually the hard part of writing your own campaigns IMHO. Worlduilding is easy and fun and basic premises for campaigns aren't much harder. Even dramatic endings are easier than filling out the bulk of the campaign between the beginning and the end. Without a fairly detailed general plan for that extended campaign it's to easy to spend sessions that add up to no progress or to rush ahead to the end leapfrogging the middle.
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