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Fred Brackin
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Default Wanted: New Adventures

My group is in between campaigns right now and in a conversation with a fellow member last weekend I said that what I wanted for my next major gaming acquisition was "A large and well-developed adventure.".

A new game world is alright but is not the item of primary interest. A new system is not very interesting and would have to be simple (and for my personal preferences) not too indirect in its' mechanics. Nothing like Numenera where I can't figure out how much weight a character can carry.

I have the Gaming Ballistics releases so far and The Fantasy Trip stuff too and have dangled these in front of the group for only minor nibbles. The group did do alright in my 2 recent Gurps one-shots.

D&D5e probably would be simplest to get everyone to play but I'm not personally wedded to it.

We've done some medium-length Shadows of the Demon Lord and Symbaroum campaigns over the last couple of years to some lukewarm receptions.

I've played CoC when somebody else runs it but it wouldn't be my personal choice.

We seem to end up being pirates a lot but might need a break from that for a while. Arrr!

Space/futuristic games and modern-ish things would be fine.

So, in with those things understood what "large and well-developed adventures" would you recommend?
Fred Brackin
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