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Originally Posted by GranitePenguin View Post
The things that irritate me the most (in no particular order)
  • you can't pick what scenario to play in ranked play - I get tired of playing the same thing over and over. There needs to be a way to select this
  • you can't talk to the person you are playing against - You can't make friends if you can't meet new people. It's next to impossible to friend request someone after the fact because Steam SUCKS for finding people.
  • you can't start a game offline - This is probably the biggest killer, especially for trying to play a game with people on the other side of the planet. You have to both be logged on, and actively looking for a ranked match for it to connect. Getting a DX sked for ham radio is easier.
Agreed. I'll add one specific to Ogre: I can't play a single player scenario while looking for a multiplayer match. If I have one already started I can, but not while looking. Which really discourages me from leaving the app open.
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