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Default Re: Chris Rice's suggestion for to-hit rolls

As Jim has mentioned in his reference, probably all of us have considered the problem of a lack of involvement of the target with the attacker in TFT, but to change it destroys TFT and its unique flow of play, chess-like...

Table lookups are to be avoided, as well, most other games I have diminish in value quickly if too many table lookups are required regularly in the course of a game.

It also has the problems mentioned prior of attacks against non-active targets or with missile or thrown weapons and so forth.

Ultimately, we have found in play that this doesn't affect us wholeheartedly because no one really wants to "waste" DX. That is, having a DX of 18 has diminishing returns (except perhaps with optional aimed shots, etc.) and no one wants to be a pin cushion for other attacks, either.

So usually someone that has worked hard to achieve DX 18 will begin to reduce it to 15 or 14, somewhere in that range on the bell curve, by using *armor*! :)

So a contest between high DX figures "balances" out, because instead of having 95% chances of hitting each other and killing outright, *armor* takes over as the mitigator, reducing the "auto" hits to survivable levels, much like two 50% hitters with no armor.

This auto-leveling feature (the Player's ability to keep his DX in a functionally interesting range with armor) works great for us, and effectively manages the "my DX gives me almost 100% of hitting someone" because players naturally gravitate to affording themselves protection with ever increasing amounts of armor.

Does this *solve* the problem? No, but it pushes back the over the cliff numbers, usually to a total for a character of around 50. ST-15 DX-21 (16) IQ-14 /5 hits is a workable character that can be played without breaking the system, but runs an upper limit to an "auto" success character in most of his attributes.
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