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Weighted democracy in which a citizen's votes are 1 + mod log (aggregate lifetime taxes paid/arbitrary divisor). Thanks, Nigel Findley. The very wealthy who have 4 to 6 votes are so few in number that they can be safely discounted as insignificant; what actually happens here (assuming the divisor is calibrated correctly) is that some people have 1 vote and some people have 2 votes. An ordinary working class person will get their second vote around retirement age. The nonworking never get a second vote. Engineers, doctors and other highly paid professionals get their second vote around age 30, and perhaps a third vote around retirement age (all assuming tax and economic structures comparable to the modern developed world). No one is without a vote, but the voting is intentionally skewed to both the elderly and the more productive members of society.
Actually, no. In that formula, if aggregate lifetime taxes paid < arbitrary divisor, then the logarithm is a negative number. If, for example, you've earned 1/10 of the arbitrary divisor, then you get -1, and zero votes. And if you've earned literally nothing, ever, then you have 0/AD = 0, and log 0 = negative infinity. So whatever you vote for gets infinite votes against it. I think that would produce some seriously counterintuitive results.
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