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Default Re: Hirelings and Hireling special abilities

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
We typically refer, unofficially, to Hireling as a Cheat! card with a +1 bonus and the ability to sacrifice it to Run Away. So, it can use any Item, and since it also allows you to carry an extra Item, that should be interpreted to mean that the Item being used by Hireling could be Big, even if you are already carrying a Big Item.

Class- and Race-based Hirelings, like Thief Hireling and Bard Hireling, almost all say the same thing about the ability to carry and use an Item. Given the context, the statement about bonuses and abilities can only be referring to the Item, and not the Race or Class of the Hireling. I'm comfortable that none of those Hirelings give you any abilities of the Class or Race for which they are named, only the abilities as stated on the cards.

As for the Thief Hireling's extra hand, it means that you have an extra hand with which to use Hand Items. So, yes, if you were using a Item that needs 2 Hands, you can now use another Hand Item.

Finally: The sex of a Hireling is based on its appearance on the card. This is stated in the rules for Hirelings in any of the sets and expansions that come with Hireling cards. Theoretically, it should be obvious. If you have a question about a specific Hireling, please let us know.
If Hirelings race isn't mentioned, can he use any race specific items? (e.g. Can a Thief Hireling use "Bow with Ribbons"?).
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