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Default Re: DFRPG Game Aids: Computer Programs

Originally Posted by sjmdw45 View Post
I just got GCA 5 from Warehouse 23 and am trying to use it to make some DFRPG 62-point hirelings.

Unfortunately that's a dead link for me. "This item might not exist or is no longer available."

I didn't see any Dungeon Fantasy listings on the GCA downloads page ( even though patch notes for DF are listed on the "Package Updates" page. Can anyone tell me how to get started with DF in GCA? Clearly it's supported; I just can't figure out how.
The Dungeon Fantasy RPG box-set is now included with GCA as a single complete file in the \worldbooks\ folder. The base file is "Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf" and if you want to use it there's also "Dungeon Fantasy RPG - Companion 3.gdf".

Here's a short little video on Youtube that I made about how to get started, after another user asked how to start using DFRPG to make a bard. It should help you as well.

There's also an optional download from the Check for Updates system that lets you install a file for Delvers to Grow from Gaming Ballistic. (Gaming Ballistic have lots of cool stuff for DFRPG so look around there if you follow that link.)
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