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Default Re: DFRPG Game Aids: Computer Programs

With CGA5, you select which books to use in
menu : File > Manage your Library

The DF RPG and the Gurps DF serie (not the same !!!) books are sorted under worldbooks.

You should create a new library, and select the books you want for your DF characters.

For DFRPG, you want Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf and possibly Delver to Grow

For the Gurps DF line, you want the various Gurps Dungeon Fantasy .gdf (1 to 15)

DFRPG is an optional update : if you don't have it, run CGA 5 updater in
menu : Help > check for updates
you will have a screen to select it. (make sure you have the latest version of CGA5 before trying to update the datafiles )

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