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Default Re: (IC) Lost in Dreams (Julian)

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
I suppose I can't quite reach the hole yet and I haven't reached the end of my rope yet either.
He's about 1.3 meters from the edge of the hole.

Does it look like Togar needs to use both hands to keep the rope steady? Like he can't easily yank on the rope I'm tied to, to pull me away from the hole.
Yeah, he's very much using both hands. He could conceivably free up one after a second of securing it.

How much rope has Togar loosed yet? Can I tell how far Reslin's been dropped down the hole? Can I guess?
Reslin is about a meter and a half down the hole. There is probably another meter and a half left in the rope.

What would I need to roll to make him lose grip?
That depends entirely on the method... would you be pushing him, pulling the rope, smashing his hands, or some other method?
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