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Default Re: Questionable Power Builds

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Yeah, I really like alternative abilities as well. I'm just conflicted when its multiple versions of the same power. Your reaction does help though.
Well another thing that might help you feel more comfortable. Alternate Abilities came from Alternative Attacks where it was focused n variations of Innnate Attack, so there ya go. But another case is alternative enhancements.
I use them on my Shaman powers builds for Afflictions and its almost like skills as spells cost wise.

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
The Obscure is for a TK character, not a mind controller. I'm looking at making around 10 packages players can pick from quickly, because building 100 points of powers, talents, and supporting skills from scratch is hard, especially on a time crunch. The Bullets are being deflected, so their motion is changed, the TK is just increasing the angle by which they miss his dead center.
Yeah obscure darkness only makes sense for light here but obscure sand? That could deflect bullets,and if the obscure was something larger, like say a cloud of pebbles? even more reasonable.

But really special effect being that you can use TK to nudge things aside is fitting and seen in a few moves, the TK in Black Lightning did that for instance. And mechanically it works.

Posession (No memory -10%, maximum duration 30 seconds -75%, specialized Humans -20%, Telecontrol +50%, psi -10%) [35/5=7]

That is prefty hefty but one thing makes me ok with it. You cant use it again for five minutes.
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